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Membership is for one year from the date of your Application for Membership.  All memberships must be renewed on the anniversary of your joining date each year. We will remind you by email when your membership is due for renewal.

What are the benefits of joining Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday?

  • Members are entitled to one FREE assist tow a year (limited to 4 hours) and subsequent assist tows are then available at half price.
  • For the peace of mind of having the VMR as insurance and security should assistance at sea ever be required. This is similar to the RACQ, but sea rescues are far more complex, requiring a high speed, specially equipped vessel, with qualified operators.
  • To support a worthwhile local volunteer and charity organisation. All membership fees stay in the Whitsundays.


From November 2018 GST charges were removed from assistance charges.

Non-members pay $323 per hour for assist tows whilst members only pay $162 an hour should they require the services of the VMR vessel after they have used their free assist tow in that year (or if the duration limit of 4 hours is exceeded).

To demonstrate the savings of being a member, an average assistance tow takes 2.5 hours in total including the time to activate, locate the vessel, tow back to a safe location, refuel and return our boat to its berth. Our operational charge is $323 an hour, which means this would cost you $807 for a simple breakdown i.e. for running out of fuel.

Can you afford this expense?

JOIN NOW for only $80.00 a year and enjoy the peace of mind that somebody is there to help and that a big bill will not follow an unfortunate event.

Membership Fees:

Standard membership costs $80 per year
Pensioner* prices are $40.00 per year
There is also a $20.00 new member joining fee to cover administration costs.

*If you apply for a Pensioner concessional membership you will be contacted for your Australian Government Pension number.

What is the cover provided by a VMR membership?

  • Your membership is for yourself ONLY and your nominated boat ONLY.  If you are a member and are on another boat, your membership does not cover you as you are not on your nominated boat.
  • If a non-member takes your nominated boat out without you, any assistance is not covered by your membership. This includes family members. Family members or friends who are financial members can nominate the same (non commercial) boat. 
  • If you have more than one boat we suggest that you register it with us – there is space on the application form below. 
  • VMR crews have been instructed to request photo ID (driver’s license) and a valid credit card every time they are called out. This also applies to current members, however you will only be charged if you have already used your free tow allowance.
  • Membership is for private, recreational use and if the vessel is engaged in Commercial operations, the free or subsidised tow does not apply.


Reciprocal Rights with other VMR locations

Each VMR location is a separate incorporated organisation.  In general, each has its own membership arrangements and benefits and you need to have a separate membership wherever you launch your boat.  There are two areas of Queensland which have agreed to reciprocal rights in their own zones – Brisbane/Gold Coast and Central Queensland.

VMR Whitsunday, in Central Queensland has reciprocal arrangements with VMR squadrons at Midge Point, Bowen and Burdekin (Ayr). If you are a current financial VMR Whitsunday member, you are also covered if assisted by these locations but not in other locations.  If you require cover anywhere else, you should take out a membership at that location.  Likewise, current financial members of VMR Midge Point, Bowen or Burdekin are entitled to be assisted by VMR Whitsunday under the same arrangements as if you were assisted by your own VMR.  As an example, at VMR Whitsunday we provide a free tow, each membership year (conditions apply), but each VMR has its own terms and conditions.  However if you are a member of any other VMR (e.g. Currumbin, Mackay, Weipa, etc) you will be treated as a non-member by VMR Whitsunday.

How does this work in practice?
You should launch your boat in the area where you will be boating. VMR Midge Point, Bowen or Burdekin may assist you, but you will be taken to a safe haven within their zone.  As an example, If you are  fishing near the reefs off Bowen, you could be assisted by VMR Bowen and they may take you to Bowen – not Airlie Beach.  VMR Whitsunday operates from Cape Conway in the South to Cape Gloucester in the North. Refer to Where We Operate for a map of local indicative VMR zones).

When you are assisted, the assisting VMR has no access to other VMR location membership records so they will charge you and you need to pay their invoice.  You then forward their invoice and proof of payment to us at info@vmrwhitsundays.com.au. We will check your membership record to ensure that you are financial and have not already used your annual free tow.

If all is in order, we will refund the fee you paid, within the 4 hour limit mentioned above.

Apply by mail or in person

Download an Application for membership form, complete the details and return with a cheque or postal order to:

VMR Whitsunday, PO Box 298, Cannonvale, QLD, 4802

Alternatively you can bring this Application for membership form along with cash to one of our monthly meetings or you can pay in person at Westpac Bank at Cannonvale or Proserpine.

Apply online

Enter your basic details here, then pay via PAYPAL using your Paypal account (if you have one) or Credit Card. We do not retain your credit card details.

Application for Membership

An application for membership must be for private recreational use only. All normal Membership Terms and Conditions apply (please read). By applying for membership and completing the form below, you are automatically agreeing to these conditions.

*All fields are required:

    Date of Birth
    Postal Address (if different to above)
    Home Phone
    Mobile Phone
    Do you wish to receive the VMR monthly Newsletter (email)?

    PLEASE ENTER BOAT DETAILS (If no boat, enter “N/A” in each input box)

    Boat Name
    Boat Rego
    Boat Length (in metres)
    Boat Style (e.g. tinny, half cab etc)
    Boat Maker
    Boat Colour above waterline

    DO YOU OWN A SECOND VESSEL? If so please complete the section below.
    There is no charge for additional vessels – your membership covers you and all nominated boats. If you have more than two boats, please advise us the above details for each additional boat by email to membership@vmrwhitsundays.com.au.


    Boat Name
    Boat Rego
    Boat Length (in metres)
    Boat Style (e.g. tinny, half cab etc)
    Boat Maker
    Boat Colour above waterline

    When you click on the blue “Pay Now” button below, your information will be emailed to our Secretary and you will be transferred automatically to a new page with Paypal, our secure credit card agent, to complete the transaction. You can either use your own Paypal account or if you don’t have one, you can securely pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

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