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Training exercise VMR Whitsundays

Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday operates training on Thursday evenings from 4:30pm. This training allows our active crew and trainees the opportunity to enhance their basic boating skills and improve their boating competency.

To be involved in training, there are mandatory enrolment and induction prerequisites. Visit the volunteer page for details.

Training is both theory in the operations room at the Whitsunday Marine Club or practical experience on our primary vessel VMR1 at Coral Sea Marina. Training includes drills, vessel maneuverings, man over board scenarios and navigation.

Active Crew are also able to complete their Competent Crew Course with the VMR which enables them to work on any commercial vessel in Australia. Various Coxswains Units are also offered throughout the year.

Training exercise VMR Whitsundays

Boat training is conducted by Ray Lewis, who is a Coxswains and Trainer and Assessor. VMR Whitsunday is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Various short courses are also run throughout the year at heavily discounted prices for our active crew, volunteers and members. This includes Senior First Aid, CPR and Restricted Radio Operators Licenses. This is an excellent opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge for boat operations and safety.

These discounted courses are one of the many reasons to join and become a volunteer.

Please contact us for further information.