Emerald Sea Surveys is a small vessel management company based in Australia, servicing the science, oil and gas and Defence industries.

Ocean awareness, safety and conservation are key drivers for its founders, Curt Jenner AM and Micheline Jenner AM, whom have recently been appointed as Members of the Order of Australia for their “Significant contribution to conservation and the environment, particularly whale research in Western Australia”. The Jenner’s are both Master Mariners,
having sailed over 150,000 nautical miles around the world on their various vessels.

Safety has always been paramount in the Jenner’s lives and their two daughters, Micah, a 200 tonne Master, and Tasmin, a PADI Dive Instructor, are also focused on ocean-based careers. Contributing to the Whitsunday VMR Group is a natural fit for this family company who now call Shute Harbour home.

Whale Song VMR2

Emerald Sea Surveys Gold Sponsorship includes naming rights for VMR Whitsunday’s rescue vessel VMR2 and has been named Whale Song VMR2 after their main whale research vessel, Whale Song.   Whale Song is built for silent running to enable whale research without disturbance of their habits.  Its hull and all machinery is sound-silenced to military standards which make the vessel one of few besides navy submarines to operate so silently.

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Whale Song whale research vessel

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