Approved by the VMR Whitsunday Management Committee on 26 August 2014. This policy is subject to periodic updating.
Volunteer Marine Rescue Whitsunday Inc. (VMRW) respects the privacy of its members and of other individuals with whom it deals. VMRW is subject to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and complies with the National Privacy Principles in that Act.

How and why do we collect personal information?
VMRW collects personal information from and about its members, initially on a membership application form and subsequently as a record of service, including duties performed, donations made, involvement in search and rescue operations, positions held, training completed, test results and performance assessments.

Information held includes personal details, contact details (address for all, and phone numbers and email addresses if provided by the member). Any member with particular concerns about disclosure of their contact details may request special security.
Sensitive information held includes limited health information for operational members (including any annual fitness declarations) and any criminal history (no detail, but suitability based on a criminal records that come to our attention).

VMRW maintains a membership database, either on computer or on paper.

VMRW also holds personal information about non-members including supporters, sponsors and donors, boat owners using
VMRW services, and business contacts. This information may include links to the websites of these organisations or people.

Calls to VMRW by telephone and radio may be recorded.

Administration records may include financial information about some members and other individuals – for example in relation to the payment records, credit cards or bank account details.

How is personal information used and disclosed?
Personal information is used and where necessary disclosed primarily in connection with VMRW’s operational activities and administration. The only other circumstances in which personal information may be disclosed for unrelated purposes would be:
· in emergencies, or
· where required by law, or
· with the express consent of the individual concerned, or
· on enquiry by other affiliated VMR squadrons about the status of your financial membership

In some cases third party service providers will be involved in the handling of personal information e.g. mailing services or IT support.

VMRW will actively ensure that it does not release your email address or other private information without your approval. Where possible VMRW will also discourage members from distributing email addresses and private information they have in their possession.

How is personal information kept up to date and secure?
VMRW will make every attempt to ensure that its records are as accurate, complete and up to date as possible but relies on members to notify any changes that it may otherwise not be aware of, such as changes to contact details or boat details.

Appropriate security precautions are taken in relation to all personal information, with access privileges to the membership and other records determined on a ‘need-to-know’ basis. Training is provided to members and officers as appropriate for the level of access granted, with regular reminders of the importance of following this policy and only using and disclosing personal information for authorised purposes.

Contracts with any third party service providers handling personal information on behalf of VMRW will include appropriate privacy clauses.

Information on Search and Rescue activations is recorded for operational and cost recovery purposes and some information may be required to be reported to relevant Government agencies and authorities.

Personal information is kept by VMRW for as long as is required for operational or administrative purposes, and then deleted or disposed of securely.

Members and other individuals are entitled to see all information held about them, and should apply to the VMRW Secretary if they wish to do so.

How are individuals informed about VMRW’s privacy policy?
The current version of this policy is maintained on the VMRW website, and can be requested in hard copy. Membership application forms contain a privacy notice alert, directing them to this policy, effective immediately.

Appropriate notice is also provided to other individuals, such as through application forms for the marine radio service, and membership application and renewal functions on the VMR website.

Enquiries and complaints
Enquiries or complaints about VMRW’s handling of personal information should be directed to the Secretary using our contact form.