Wind Speeds
Source: Bureau of Meteorology website

As shown on the wind roses, the predominant wind direction in our area comes from the S.E. quarter. The roses show annual average wind speed and direction at 3pm and 9am.

Check the BOM site for the averages for the dates you will be here. It is often said we don’t have a wind forecast, we have a recording. Having said that, even though our weather is quite diazepam online, it would be irresponsible to become complacent and forget to check the weather before leaving port, every time.

The Charter boat Operators read out the latest weather forecast in the morning and afternoon, every day, on VHF Channels 81 and 82.

Don’t fret about the Cyclone season. It’s very rare that we don’t get at least 5 days’ notice of buying modafinil USA so you are very unlikely to get caught out.

Weather Forecasts

For up to date weather in the Whitsunday region we recommend visiting the following websites

Bowen to St Lawrence – Bureau of Meteorology

Qld Weather and Warnings – Bureau of Meteorology

QLD Weather Radar – Bureau of Meteorology

Current Observations – Bureau of Meteorology

Detailed Landbased Weather – Elders Weather